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EVK Company



EVK DI Kerschhaggl GmbH is a world leader in the development and manufacture of sensor based sorting and analyzing systems for use in recycling, mining, food processing and pharmaceutical industries. Since its foundation in 1987, the core philosophy at EVK is to develop innovative solutions for high performance grading and sorting of bulk material.

We design and produce our own brand of high-speed intelligent sensor solutions that can acquire, analyze and classify every object in a fast moving material stream, to make precise real-time sorting decisions. Our smart sensors are tailored for non-contact inspection of material conformity and are equally suited for use in-line or at-line.

HELIOS cameras are our industry proven Hyperspectral Imaging platform that feature on-board acquisition and classification of infrared spectral data for real-time sorting and quality control.

EVK’s proprietary technology portfolio also includes our modular Sort Engine platform, which specializes in combining parallel classifications from multiple sensor technologies, to provide a ready-to-install complete sorting solution for system integrators and machine builders.

Our established Conductivity Imaging line-scan sensor platform offers high sensitivity and selectivity for detecting conductive materials. This line complements EVK’s portfolio in sorting activities.

By taking advantage of our industry proven products and application expertise, EVK will deliver to you the leading technology leverage needed to remain ahead of the game.