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HELIOS is a smart hyperspectral imaging line scan camera system available in NIR and SWIR spectral ranges, which has been especially developed for industrial use in harsh environments. Low maintenance due to compact design and no moving parts for cooling.

HELIOS acquires complete spectra line by line for each local pixel in parallel and is available in the following system configurations:


HELIOS system configurations
Fig.: HELIOS system configurations

HELIOS Core delivers high quality raw spectra for further external data processing.

HELIOS Class classifies objects according to selected parameters in real time. The internal hard-wired analysis program works in real time to make HELIOS the most powerful smart classification system available on the market. The classification results are displayed in artificial colors. This allows the integration of HELIOS into your production equipment as easily as any standard color line scan camera. The classification parameters can be adapted quickly and easily to customer-specific applications even without hyperspectral expertise. For example, HELIOS is ideally suited for adjusting the selection criteria to the regional characteristics of mineable ore or variable consistency in the food processing industries.

HELIOS Sort: For simple start of sorting operations, the EVK proprietary sorting engine is an integral part of HELIOS Sort and enables to drive the ejection unit directly with the smart Hyperspectral imaging camera system.

Typical applications include:

Core: Spectral analysis in laboratories, analyzing and sorting equipment with customer specific evaluation software
Class: Process analysis and process control: e.g. in-line monitoring, inspection, quality control
Sort: High speed sorting
Analyzer: In-line analysis of spatial distribution homogeneity on substrates, layer thickness, chemical composition or product identification

Spectral product range

Spectral range 0.9 - 1.7 µm 1.3 - 2.3 µm *)
Sensor InGaAs HgCdTe
Line Scan Rate 448 Hz full frame 105 Hz full frame
Camera Interface GigE Vision GigE Vision
Typical Application Recycling, food processing, mining Recycling, mining

*) 1000 nm spectral range selectable within the range of 1.0-2.5 µm