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Helios Coating Analyzer

HELIOS Analyse


HELIOS Analyse is a fully-integrated Hyperspectral inspection, analysis and control solution for PAT. Derived from Hyperspectral Imaging technology, and operating in two selectable wavelengths regions (NIR 1.1 – 1.7 µm and SWIR 1.3 – 2.3 µm), it measures and delivers, in real-time, continuous feedback parameters for production and quality assurance.

The Analyse imaging capability, offers spatially resolved chemical maps that can be used to evaluate and document physical parameters such as particle size and tablet integrity; in tandem with mapping active chemical ingredient distributions, concentration and thickness. Uniquely, HELIOS Analyse in-built hardware performs all measurements and analysis in one physical unit without requiring an additional PC.

Random sampling in pharmaceutical and food processing industries is useful for delivering precise values of critical production parameters, albeit with a significant drawback: The inherent low sampling rate fails to deliver information on the exact quality of each single product in the product stream. HELIOS Analyse uses the same precise values obtained from random sampling and applies these measurements on a continuous basis to the entire product stream, in-situ and 24/7.

HELIOS Analyse is a PAT quality inspection tool that will safeguard quality and profit.

HELIOS Analyse is made to deliver

  • Analysis in real time to capture the entire product stream
  • Non-Destructive Testing
  • Imaging method for the spatially resolved distribution
  • Product monitoring before and after packaging

HELIOS Analyse in NIR and SWIR wavelength regions are available for in-situ implementation or with customized mechanical construction for various applications in the lab.

Contact us to define the analysis model for your application.