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HELIOS Starter Kit

HELIOS Starter Kit


Do you want to run initial trials to check whether chemical imaging is the right technology for your application? Do your customers ask for many different scopes of work? Do you want to test in conditions similar to those that will be encountered in reality later on?

The Starter Kit is ideally suited to simulating the in-line production environment in the lab. The Starter Kit includes the illumination, the motorized linear stage and a ready assembled HELIOS device on the adjustable mounting plate so you can adjust the distance between the HELIOS and the objects you are measuring. This allows you to have the same spatial resolution in the lab as you will have later on the production floor.

The HELIOS is easy to customize to your application using the software package included, and classified data is available on the GigE Vision interface.

Contact us to get started.

Packing List: Mechanical construction
HELIOS device including relevant software package
230V DC power supply unit for illumination
24V DC power supply unit for linear stage motor

Technical specifications of mechanical construction:

Suitable for: HELIOS NIR, HELIOS SWIR in Core and Class configuration
Dimensions (LxWxH): 650 x 440 x 895 - 1400 mm
Weight: approx. 36 kg incl. HELIOS
+ 9.4 kg for 230V DC power supply
General power requirements: 100 – 240V, 50-60 Hz
Distance HELIOS to linear stage: 268 to 868 mm
Linear stage: working area (LxW): 270 x 290 mm
Linear stage: traveling distance: max. 257 mm
Linear stage: speed adjustable 0.08 to 0.4 m/sec
Illumination: 4x 300W halogen
Power supply for illumination (included): Adjustable 0 to +230V DC +/-15%
Power supply for HELIOS
and linear stage motor (included):
+24V DC +/- 15%