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Smart Sorting

Many industrial production processes involve sorting tasks. Be it the separation of good from the bad product, the removal of unwanted contaminants or the enhancement of product quality. Most of these tasks require sensor-based technologies.

EVK´s NIR Hyperspectral Imaging Systems can accurately detect different materials according to their chemical composition. This feature allows the EVK systems to operate in fields where colour cameras reach their limits.

Moreover, the combination of a Colour- and Hyperspectral Imaging camera vie Sensor Fusion is an often used solution to increase sorting sensitivity and specificity.

This allows separating materials by means of their colour, shape, size and in addition to their chemical composition.

Robotics application in Sorting using various Sensor Types

EVK Sorting and Classifying Material

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EVKs services and products in Smart Sorting

Hyperspectral image processing in sorting

HELIOS, the smart hyperspectral imaging analysis and sorting system, is available in the wavelength ranges NIR (0.9-1.7μm) and SWIR (1.3-2.3μm) and has been specially developed for industrial use in harsh environments: none moving parts, therefore with low maintenance requirements, also due to the robust design.

EVK Professional Services support you during the Pre-sale phase, at Integration and in the After-sale phase.

Smart solutions are based on Hyperspectral, Colour and Conductivity imaging, and when coupled to EVK Sorting Engine Module, enable a multilevel system integration – from sensor head to material ejector block.

EVK Sorting Engine Modules offer flexibility in sensor choice and adaptability for creating complete solutions, for many different types of applications. EVK combines its hardware with software, to create classification and sorting algorithms that combine all EVK sensor technology and control material ejection in real-time.

In this manner, conveyor belts can be efficiently transformed into sorting machines. Hardware situated in the camera housing is where data is processed, steering decisions are made and then sent further on to ejection units.

To speed up integration into a sorting machine, EVK offers lighting and IO card solutions via EVK Professional Services.

EVK Professional Services on-site assistance and integration is also available.

EVK, an expert company in

Industrial Imaging, offers sensor-based solutions for bulk sorting and inspection in the fields of food processing,
pharmaceutical processing, recycling and mining.

OUR core expertise is in classification of data
using hyperspectral and conductivity imaging
technologies. WE provide complete solutions from data acquisition to decision making to sorting and inspection system builders.

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