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Digital Waste Research Lab – Montanuniversität Leoben

On 24.10.2023 the Digital Waste Research Lab has been officially opened by the University of Leoben. EVK provided several hyperspectral cameras for the construction of the new research infrastructure.

With the new Digital Waste Research Lab, the Montanuniversität of Leoben is putting an experimental setup into operation that represents an important milestone in the direction of a recycling-oriented circular economy. The new infrastructure not only enables students of the University to learn about sensor- and data-based waste and recycling technologies, but also strengthens industry-related research.

The new facility enables experiments on sensor-based sorting and analysis of waste. Large-scale trials are already planned with the aim of achieving even better material quality-adjusted sorting and thus recycling results.

EVK is driven by a vision of creating highly innovative products and contributing to a responsible use of natural resources. Therefore, we at EVK are proud to be one of the cooperation partners of the Digital Waste Research Lab and to make an important contribution to future-oriented research in the recycling industry.

Fotocredit: Montanuni Leoben/Martina Stöbbauer

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