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EVK presents the EVK ALPHA G100 CS

EVK ALPHA G100 CS Increases Performance of Industrial Sorting Lines

RAABA, APRIL 2024: EVK DI Kerschhaggl GmbH, an expert company in smart spectral imaging solutions, introduced EVK ALPHA G100 CS, a real-time image processing device combining multi-modal data classification, such as hyperspectral, RGB and conductivity data, with extended functionality for sorting applications.

EVK ALPHA G100 CS is a powerful real-time data processing platform capable of supporting multi-sensory data streams for sorting applications. In addition to material classification of EVK HELIOS SWIR hyperspectral camera image data, the EVK ALPHA G100 CS also supports the fusion of EVK HELIOS data with data from color cameras or inductive metal sensors, such as the EVK ABAS. The output data directly steer the ejection systems of an optical sorter system, providing increased flexibility, scalability and reduced time-to-market to manufacturers of optical sorters.

Matthias Kerschhaggl, responsible for technology innovations at EVK, explains: “The ALPHA CS builds on our EVK ALPHA platform and offers optical sorters manufacturers extended functionality to accommodate the ever increasing requirements in the fields of waste recycling or food processing.”

Paul Fuchs, COO of EVK adds: “Our experience demonstrates that implementing our image data processing platform leads to significant increases in performance of sorting lines, while reducing costs and complexity.”


EVK ALPHA G100 CS allows the fusion of different sensor and camera technologies. EVK HELIOS hyperspectral camera enables the classification of materials based on their chemical composition, EVK ABAS metal sensor detects ferrous and non-ferrous metals and an RGB camera delivers information about the color of an object. Combining these data provides an effective solution for demanding sorting tasks.
The EVK ALPHA G100 CS processes data at a speed that allows it to pass on the relevant information in real-time. Material classes are determined and classified within a few milliseconds. Complemented by the chemometric software EVK SQALAR for application development, a powerful system for industrial applications is created, such as sorting complex plastic waste streams. Resulting from decades of industry experience, EVK helps customers to increase their productivity and efficiency.


EVK is an expert company in industrial imaging and data processing and provides sensor-based solutions for sorting and monitoring bulk material in recycling, mining, food, pharmaceutical, and many other industries. EVK specializes in the analysis of sensor data, including classification and in-line metrology using hyperspectral, inductive, and color sensor technologies. EVK provides complete solutions for the industry, from data acquisition to data processing for value-driven business decisions and optimized processes.
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