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EVK SQALAR – Quantitative Analysis Tool in Hyperspectral Imaging

EVK introduces SQALAR, a high-precision quantitative analysis tool for chemical concentration measurements of bulk material in food, chemical, pharmaceutical and mining industries.

EVK SQALAR analysis tool for quantitative chemical composition

EVK, the leader in the development and manufacturing of sensor based sorting and analyzing systems for use in food processing, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, recycling and mining, introduces SQALAR, a multivariate data analysis tool which, in conjunction with EVK´s HELIOS classifying cameras, allows for high precision quantitative analysis and in-line monitoring of bulk material in industrial processes. SQALARbridges the gap between quality laboratory and the in-line monitoring system. Researchers, quality assurance and production professionals can, in combination with HELIOS hyperspectral imaging cameras, teach the system, extract data and determine chemical concentration and distribution of the substance in the line without interrupting the product stream!

SQALAR closes the gap between precise laboratory work and continuous monitoring of the material flow on the assembly line. Scientists and experts in quality management and production can use the system in combination with the EVK Helios hyperspectral cameras to directly extract and utilize information about the chemical concentrations and distributions of substances without interrupting the product flow! Users can benefit from the unprecedented statistical information provided by SQALAR.

Dr. Matthias Kerschhaggl, CTO of EVK, points out: “With SQALAR, we can for instance measure dry substance or determine nutrients like protein or fat, poisonous compounds, chemical residuals from diseases or pH values in fruits and vegetables. Or if I think of the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, we can determine API (active pharmaceutical ingredients) concentration, distribution of organic chemical compounds or calorific values of RDF (refuse-derived fuels).” “In combination with our HELIOS real-time, smart classifying camerasystem we literally bring your lab into your line”, Mr. Kerschhaggl adds.

SQALAR is available now and is sold in combination with EVK’s classifiying cameras.


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