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Inspect Award 2023 – EVK ALPHA G100

The embedded data processing platform EVK ALPHA G100 was honored with the machine vision award Inspect Award 2023.  The EVK ALPHA is a powerful data processing platform to rapidly and securely process spectral image data in real time. The analysis and classification of materials takes place separately from the sensor or camera and is therefore particularly flexible in its use.

The EVK ALPHA G100 features an optimized spectral imaging system for a single GigEVision/ GenICam compliant imaging sensor for real-time spectral data classification. The edge-computing platform supports all EVK market-proven data processing functions for qualitative and quantitative analysis. The platform supports all of EVK’s industry-proven data processing functionalities for qualitative and quantitative analysis.

Together with a hyperspectral core camera the system takes on tasks such as the classification of individual polymers in complex plastic waste streams, the evaluation of refuse-derived fuels as well as the detection of foreign bodies and analysis of quality defects in the food industry. Advanced features enable the operation of complex sorting applications in real-time.

EVK HELIOS EC hyperspectral core camera and EVK ALPHA real-time image processing platform

For the manufacturing plants of tomorrow, it is important to be able to visualize an increasing number of different materials in a product stream and to provide key data in real-time. The EVK ALPHA platform provides industrial clients with this capability and optimizes their production processes and resource utilization.

Read more about the EVK ALPHA G100.

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