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Jun. 2016: New hyperspectral image processing software HELIOS optimizer

Helios Optimizer: New Hyperspectral Image Processing Software Complements EVK´s Hyperspectral Imaging camera portfolio

By introducing HELIOS Optimizer hyperspectral imaging software, EVK closes the gap in its hyperspectral imaging portfolio for real-time classification applications.

EVK DI Kerschhaggl GmbHthe leader in the development and manufacture of sensor based sorting and analyzing systems for use in recycling, mining, food processing and pharmaceutical industries introduces HELIOS OPTIMIZER software, a hyperspectral image processing tool optimized for use with EVK’s HELIOS CLASS cameras.

HELIOS OPTIMIZER, a PC-based tool, provides a seamless workflow for processing of hyperspectral imaging data from raw HSI cube to classified image. This intuitive, easy-to-use software, in combination with the classifying HELIOS hyperspectral cameras from EVK, now offers engineers and researchers across a range of industries the advantage to acquire a complete real-time classification system directly from EVK.

Matthias Kerschhaggl, the Head of R&D at EVK states: “With the HELIOS OPTIMIZER software, EVK is in the position to offer our customers a complete system, from acquisition and processing of hyperspectral material streams to operating our cameras with customer specific, real-time classification recipes. Our customers benefit from time to market advantage when it comes to modeling classification recipes and use in specific sorting or monitoring applications.”

The HELIOS OPTIMIZER supports various data reduction and classification methods, from multivariate data analysis to cluster methods and combined feature logic. The tool supports HELIOS camera configuration, recording of multiple hyperspectral material streams, modeling of classification recipes and setting of the camera for classification assignments.

EVK provides the software as a part of the HELIOS hyperspectral imaging camera offering. For more information please contact EVK at the following link:

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