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What is in for you: Hyperspectral Imaging for quality control in the industry

On Wednesday the 8th of July 2020 the fifth round of pitches for the Photonics & Machine Vision Web Series took place. Dr Matthias Kerschhaggl presented „Hyperspectral Imaging for quality control in the industry“. 

Photonics & Machine Vision Web Pitches 05/2020

Topic: Hyperspectral imaging as quality measurement tool for the industry
Speaker: Dr. Matthias Kerschhaggl - CTO, EVK DI Kerschhaggl GmbH

Recorded Web Pitch
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Quality control and management require state-of-the-art inspection technology to infer relevant data from a production process. This technology includes industrial image processing and data analysis.

Hyperspectral Imaging picture of secondary fuels with a quantitative analysis of EVK SQALAR analysis software

How it works

1. Data acquisition

EVK smart cameras with integrated real-time classification engine processes camera data streams and outputs information for further process steps. 

2. Data processing

Using industrial data analysis by intercorrelating the vast amount of data coming from various sensor systems in the line allows perfect control and prediction of resources yield and maintenance cycles.

3. Decision making

Based on the processed data,  sub-standard goods and foreign materials can be seperated from your high-quality goods in real-time.

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Several typical applications in food processing


Our range of services covers the entire value-added chain from data acquisition to business decision-making and thus offers the customer sensor-based solutions from a single source.

Complete solutions from data acquisition to business decision

  • Smart Sensors with embedded Material Classification Engine
  • Fusion of multiple sensor technologies
  • Application support and customized services

Applications designed for industrial use

  • From concept development to machine implementation
  • Interconnected solutions for real-time sorting and monitoring 
  • Rugged, industry proven design

Data intelligence

  • Data processing from data acquisition to business decision
  • Quantitative and qualitative Data analysis of chemical compositions
  • Process inspection and control for end-user applications

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