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Matthias Kerschhaggl at Vision Spectra Conference

Matthias Kerschhaggl, CTO and owner of EVK, will give a presentation on “From Hyperspectral Edge Computing to Smart Imaging” at the Vision Spectra Conference on July 20, 2023.
Taking place exclusively online, the conference brings together leading names and thought leaders in the machine vision industry to discuss insights and innovations in inspection and AI, vision-guided robotics, FPGAs, cameras and sensors, hyperspectral imaging, and optics and lighting.

In his lecture “From Hyperspectral Edge Computing to Smart Imaging”, Matthias Kerschhaggl will present the results of a closed hyperspectral data processing loop. This includes industrial data acquisition and the training of algorithms based on machine learning through to feature extraction in real time.

To attend the presentation, please register at Vision Spectra Conference.
Participation in the conference is free of charge.

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