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EVK presents the ABAS ThinLine family of inductive sensors for metal detection in industrial sorting

EVK presents the ABAS ThinLine family of inductive sensors for metal detection in industrial sorting

July 2020 from Marketing • about 3 minutes to read

Graz, July 15th, 2020: EVK, an expert company in industrial imaging, introduces ABAS ThinLine, a new family of spatially resolved inductive sensors for real-time detection of ferrous and non-ferrous metal objects in industrial sorting.

The new ABAS TL (ThinLine) sensor devices are used in secondary raw material recovery by detecting metallic contaminants and eliminating them in the sorting process, or in the recuperation of metals from bulk material in various industries. The areas of application can be found in the recycling of polymers, recycling of electronic waste, sorting of construction and demolition waste, wood processing, to name a few.

ABAS TL inductive sensors are available in standard working widths of 600mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1600mm and 2000mm and support most of the common working widths of sorting machines. Designed as an easy to install device, ABAS TL are equipped with a standardized GigE Vision industrial interface. Output data can be fed directly into an EVK proprietary I/O system which drives actuators of the sorting system. As a result, sorting machine builders can easily integrate ABAS TL in their sorting machine lines, without the need to develop any specific interfaces to their machines.

Matjaz Novak, CEO of EVK points out: "With the ABAS TL, our goal was to create a product which meets performance demands of our customers, that is optimized in size and weight, and is economically attractive as a stand-alone version. ABAS TL inductive devices can also serve as an add-on to our existing imaging product portfolio. In combination with our HELIOS hyperspectral imaging cameras and our data processing capabilities, our customers can tailor solutions to their specific application needs, all from one hand.”

Paul Fuchs, Head of EVK Professional Services adds: “We see great interest from machine builders in using ABAS TL, for example, in the extraction of metal from recycled PET bottles or in detection and removal of objects made of aluminium. ABAS TL is also used when dispensing hazardous substances such as batteries”. He further explains: “With our professional services team, we support our customers on-site or via remote support during and after the integration of ABAS TL into their sorting lines. We understand that time-to-market is of high importance to our customers."

About EVK

EVK is an expert company in industrial imaging and data processing and provides sensor-based solutions for sorting and analysing bulk material in the recycling, mining, food, pharmaceutical industry and many more. The company specialises in the classification and analysis of data using hyperspectral and inductive sensor technologies. EVK is offering solutions for the industry from data acquisition to data processing to decision making, all from one hand. More information can be found at

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