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Hyperspectral Imaging in Quality Control - Applications and Possible Uses

July 2022 from Marketing • about 2 minutes to read

As part of the VDMA Innovation Day on 5 July 2022, our Field Engineer for Chemical Imaging DI Christoph Riemer gave a presentation on the potential applications of hyperspectral imaging in quality control.

With the help of hyperspectral imaging camera systems, it is possible to classify materials contactless on the basis of their chemical composition. The characteristic molecular vibrations are detected in the near-infrared range of 900 - 1700 nm, making the invisible visible.

The use of hyperspectral cameras opens up numerous areas of application for the user, as for example in food processing. Thereby, they are used to ensure reliable and continuous monitoring and/or sorting of the entire product flow in real time. Due to the flexible and diverse application possibilities, Hyperspectral Imaging (HSI) has become more and more established and proven as an industrially suitable technology in recent years. HSI is already widely used in the sorting of various bulk materials, such as nuts, potatoes, plastic flakes, and many more.

An important application of hyperspectral cameras is in quality control. For example, the duration for deep-frying French fries can be controlled by measuring the dry substance, or the quality of chicken fillets can be determined and monitored. Furthermore, the "wooden breast" defect, a problem in the food industry, is successfully detected by measuring the chemical composition of the chicken meat. Also, the degree of rancidness of walnuts can be determined with this technology. In quality control, hyperspectral technology can be used for the detection of foreign objects and problem materials, defects, fat or protein content.

These are just a few of the applications that EVK has already developed in its many years of experience in this field of technology. Combined with the continuous development of deep-learning algorithms, there is potential for new areas of application.

Do you have any questions? Our EVK team will be happy to advise you on the many possibilities our products offer.




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