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Data Analysis Tools


Today’s industry faces the challenge of processing a massive amount of data and extracting truly relevant information. Various sensor systems in production lines generate a multitude of data that requires a profound understanding to analyze and evaluate.

As experts in spectral data analysis, we support you in generating and analyzing key data taken from hyperspectral imaging. Hyperspectral cameras classify objects and parts of objects based on their chemical composition, making the invisible visible.


EVK STREAM Supervisor

Benefit from customized solutions and expertise in data analysis.
Our goal is to help you optimize your production processes and make informed decisions based on meaningful key data. The data analysis tools are successfully applied in food, recycling and waste management, as well as the mining industry.

The EVK SQALAR software is specifically designed for the qualitative and quantitative analysis of chemical properties of individual objects, enabling the easy creation of chemometric models for flexible application development.

The EVK STREAM Supervisor is a software to monitor industrial material flows using hyperspectral imaging at multiple points. Classified image data makes it possible to monitor industrial material flows in real-time, and the key data optained provides information on material distribution, belt occupancy, and material composition.

Classification based on chemical properties in real time,
directly In-Line

Powerful data analysis tools are part of EVK’s comprehensive solutions to suit your individual needs. They automatically measure and monitor specified properties of individual objects in the production line, and allow for the development of industrially deployable chemometric models.

Take your lab to the production line and monitor the quality of your input materials with inline analyses. By utilizing our data analysis tools, you can optimize your conveyor belt capacities and increase the efficiency of your production processes.

Value Statements

Material Identification and Quality Control

Hyperspectral data makes it possible to identify materials based on their unique spectral signatures. Classifying objects based on their chemical properties optimizes your quality control and sorting processes.

Quantitative In-line, Real-Time Analysis

Take your laboratory analyses in line with EVK HELIOS hyperspectral systems. Quantitatively analyzing materials based on their chemical properties provides key data in real-time. Combining EVK hyperspectral camera and EVK data analysis tool makes it possible to measure the precise concentration of, for example, water, salt, sugar, or starch, as well as their distribution.

Diverse Applications

The obtained information can be used in various industries for analysis, inspection, process control, sorting, process monitoring, robot guidance, and decision-making, for sectors that include the food industry, recycling, mining, or the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

Fast Time-to-Market with Integrated EVK Solutions

Reduce your development time with EVK's integrated personalized all-in-one solutions. Receive hardware, software, and integration services from a single source for a fast and flawless implementation of your application.


Take Your Lab to the Production Line

Combining EVK HELIOS hyperspectral cameras, proprietary algorithms and data processing software, you can take your lab directly to the production line. Take advantage of real-time and non-contact chemical concentration measurements to obtain valuable key data.

Thanks to the QCI classification algorithm it is possible to quantitatively analyze multiple chemical components and measure the concentration and distribution of chemical compounds in a product. Hyperspectral camera systems classify data from the material flow and assign it to a measured value. This value has been entered into the system in advance using laboratory measurements. The accuracy is much higher than in the lab, and information is obtained in real-time.


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