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The EVK STREAM Supervisor is a software for multi-point monitoring of industrial material flows using hyperspectral imaging systems. The software provides key data for real-time monitoring of industrial material flows based on classified image data. The material distribution, conveyor belt occupancy as well as the material composition are displayed as a live stream based on the chemical properties of the inspected material. The EVK STREAM Supervisor can integrate up to five hyperspectral cameras for multi-point inspection if required.

Material Flow Monitoring
Based on Chemical Material Properties

The EVK STREAM Supervisor can be used to optimize individual units in the industrial plant and to increase overall performance. Using an OPC UA interface, the EVK STREAM Supervisor can be connected to higher-level control or monitoring systems.

Value Statements

Optimizing Facility Output

By improving the entire plant process chain, optimizing the utilization of the conveyor belt capacity, and with the analysis of input material with in-line quality control, the EVK STREAM Supervisor software contributes to a significant increase in plant yield.

Real-Time Data Processing

The data are processed and displayed in real time. There is a continuous and seamless data export in CSV format. PLC communication is done via OPC UA protocol for flexible application.

User-Friendly Interface

Intuitive and user-friendly interface for monitoring industrial material flows.

Sensor Fusion

The combination of different sensors enables optimization of results in many industrial applications. The EVK STREAM Supervisor supports up to five EVK HELIOS hyperspectral cameras.

Use Cases

Typical applications of the EVK STREAM Supervisor include the monitoring of material flows in the waste and recycling management, food, and mining industries.

Image shows material distribution and material composition

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EVK STREAM Supervisor- Data sheet

Software for multi-point monitoring of industrial material flows


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EVK STREAM Supervisor- Product brief

Software for multi-point monitoring of industrial material flows


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Typical combinations
of our applications

EVK HELIOS hyperspectral cameras enable non-contact measurement of material properties based on their chemical characteristics.

Complemented by the EVK ALPHA and the proprietary algorithms, the hyperspectral systems enable the reliable detection of objects and the extraction of valuable key data for inspection and monitoring applications.

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