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EVK HELIOS Laboratory Station Core

The EVK HELIOS Laboratory Station Core is ideal for developing new applications. It includes illumination, a motorized linear stage, and the EVK HELIOS EC32 hyperspectral camera on the adjustable mounting plate. This allows you to vary the distance between the hyperspectral camera and object.

The EVK HELIOS EC32 hyperspectral core camera output calibrated raw spectral data and allows the flexible use of own data processing platforms. Optionally, the real-time data processing platform EVK ALPHA is available for easy and fast classification of spectral data.
With the EVK SQALAR software, you can quickly and easily adapt the EVK HELIOS to your applications. You retrieve the data via a GigE Vision/ GenICam interface.

Simulation of
In-line Measuring Conditions

The all-in-one hyperspectral imaging system is ideal for developing industrially applicable chemometric models, for use in the lab, and for at-line inspections.

The compact station is a motorized, button-operated sample table, that imitates the function of a conveyor belt, and an integrated EVK HELIOS EC32 hyperspectral camera, including lighting system.

Value Statements

Flexible Application Options

With the hyperspectral core camera, you can flexibly use the EVK HELIOS Laboratory Station for self-developed algorithms and analyses, as well as chemometric model development. The data can be exported to common formats (Matlab, CSV,...).

Fast Setup and Data Acquisition

The straightforward setup and the qualitative and quantitative data analysis software EVK SQALAR allow easy data collection and analysis.

Height-Adjustable Mount

The height-adjustable mount makes it possible to conveniently adjust the distance between the camera and samples to test different configurations.

Excellent Signal-to-Noise Ratio

The EVK HELIOS EC32 features an excellente SNR of 3.500 at a nominal spatial resolution of 320 pixels.


  • Hyperspectralcamera: EVK HELIOS EC32
  • Spectral range: 930 nm – 1700 nm
  • GigE Vision/ GenICam interface

  • Adjustable distance EVK HELIOS to linear stage: 268 to 868 mm
  • Linear Stage Speed: adjustable 0,08 to 0,4 m/sec
  • Seamless integration with EVK ALPHA data processing platform, as well as the EVK SQALAR software suite for qualitative and quantitative analyses

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EVK HELIOS EC32 – Product brief

Hyperspectral Camera


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EVK HELIOS EC32 – Data sheet

Hyperspectral Camera


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EVK HELIOS Laboratory Station – Data sheet

All-in-one hyperspectral imaging system - technical data


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EVK HELIOS Laboratory Station – Product brief

All-in-one hyperspectral imaging system - technical data


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