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Real-time spectral imaging platform

EVK ALPHA G100 is a real-time, embedded processing platform for classification of hyperspectral data, as well as to actuate valves. Together with an EVK HELIOS hyperspectral imaging core camera, the system supports up to 100 material classes for identification of material types in industrial sorting and monitoring applications.

The EVK ALPHA G100 features an optimized spectral imaging system for a single GigE Vision / GenICam compliant hyperspectral imaging sensor. The platform supports all EVK market-proven data processing functions for qualitative analysis, such as CLASS, EC and CF, as well as EVK quantitative chemical imaging algorithm QCI.

Spectral image processing
in real-time

The EVK ALPHA G100 image data processing platform enables fast processing of spectral data in real-time directly in the production line. 

Combined with an EVK HELIOS EC hyperspectral core camera, the EVK ALPHA G100 is a powerful tool for inline analysis, as well as monitoring and sorting product streams in a variety of industries. Sorting commands can be transmitted to valves or sorting flaps in real-time.

Value Statements

Flexibility for Industrial Applications

Machine builders, plant developers, as well as plant operators receive the flexibility they need for their applications with the edge computing platform and its various functionalities. The real-time platform provides the required functionalities when it comes to classifying materials in demanding industrial applications and enables the precise actuation of valves for smart sorting commands.

Advanced Classification and
Sorting Algorithms

New functionality enhancements enable classifications in up to 100 material classes. Together with an EVK HELIOS hyperspectral camera, the system performs tasks such as classifying individual polymers in complex plastic waste streams, analyzing refuse derived fuels, and detecting quality defects in the food industry. Advanced features enable the operation of complex sorting applications in real-time.

Real-time Data Processing

EVK ALPHA G100 classifies spectral image data in real-time, making it ideal for the use directly in the production line.

Rugged, Industrial Design

The rugged design is ideal for industrial applications in harsh environments in the temperature range -20°C to +45°C.

Sensor Fusion

The EVK ALPHA G100 can combine information from different cameras and sensors for application specific sorting decisions. Thus, one can combine an EVK HELIOS hyperspectral camera (for classifying materials based on their chemical composition), an EVK ABAS (for the detection of metals), and a RGB color camera to achieve maximum sorting results.


The platform features an optimized image processing system for a GigE Vision/ GenICam compliant hyperspectral image processing sensor for use in the process line. The platform supports all of EVK's industry-proven data processing functionalities for qualitative and quantitative analysis. The processing platform is available for both classification and sorting applications and enables classification of up to 100 material classes due to the new CLASS functionality. Advanced functions enable the operation of complex sorting applications. Data from different sensors can be fused via sensor fusion and precise sorting commands can be transmitted to valves in real-time.



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Use Cases

For the manufacturing plants of tomorrow, it is important to be able to visualize an increasing number of different materials in a product stream and to provide key data in real-time. The EVK ALPHA platform offers industrial customers this ability to optimize production processes and resource utilization, and thus profitability.

From Application Development to Full Integration

The EVK Professional Service team will support you from application development to the integration of the system into the plant. EVK enables the integration of cutting-edge real-time analysis systems in the shortest time, to successfully exploit the full potential of the applications. 

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EVK ALPHA G100 – Product brief

Real-time spectral imaging platform


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EVK ALPHA G100 – Data sheet

Real-time spectral imaging platform - technical data


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Typical combinations
of our applications

The EVK ALPHA G100 for is fully compatible with the various EVK products. Together they are a powerful system for your industrial application. The EVK HELIOS EC hyperspectral camera enables non-contact measurement of material based on their chemical properties.

Supplemented by the EVK SQALAR analysis software, it is possible to efficiently collect data and create chemometric models. The optimized and user-friendly interface allows flexible and fast development of applications. The EVK STREAM Supervisor is used for multi-point monitoring of industrial material flows.

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