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Data Analysis Tools

EVKs software tools offer a variety of possibilities in industrial imaging. Due to the algorithms developed by EVK, the software system is able to access numerous options in multivariate data analysis. All algorithms can be applied to data-streams directly inside the cameras' classifying engine. The generated classification or quantification models can be transferred to the camera in the blink of an eye, by one simple klick. What you generated in the software will be directly accessible as classified data-stream from the HELIOS device. Users will benefit from an intuitive and instructive modelling environment that enables for a fast start with EVK software solutions.

  Model Applications
QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS EVK SQALAR Calorific value, Protein content, PH-value, Humidity, wooden breast syndrome
QUALITATIVE ANALYSIS EVK OPTIMIZER Plastic sorting, Analysis of wood chips, Inked and de-inked paper, Foreign body detection

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