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EVK SQALAR is a multifunctional quantitative analysis software tool for multivariate measurements of chemical properties. It is a software tool suitable for sorting, inspection and monitoring applications, both in-line and at-line, and also in laboratories.


Award Winning Technology

EVK is proud to announce that SQALAR was awarded a prize for being one of Top 10 Innovations for 2018! For the fourth time, INVISION Magazine is honouring outstanding and innovative products in the fields of image processing, embedded vision and 3D measurement technologies. An independent Jury has rated ten products and solutions worthy to be awarded. The criteria were: innovative technology, usability and the ability to gain new market segments.

Award Winning Technology

​​​​​​​WHAT IT IS

  • EVK SQALAR is a multifunctional quantitative analysis software tool for multivariate measurements of chemical properties.
  • EVK SQALAR can be used in sorting, inspection and monitoring applications in-line, at-line and in the laboratory.
  • EVK SQALAR uses EVK´s hyperspectral imaging camera detection technology in the VISNIR, NIR and SWIR wavelength ranges.
  • EVK SQALAR has a unique camera integration which allows it to send elaborate calibration models and full parametrization lists, to the HELIOS device, with one simple click.
​​​​​​​WHAT IT IS


  • EVK SQALAR enables a non-invasive, interruption-free, measurement of chemical concentrations of all objects in a product stream.
  • EVK SQALAR monitors and measures, user-defined properties of, individual objects or bulk material streams.
  • EVK SQALAR helps to increase the quality, consistency and safety of products and at all stages of industrial processing.

Bring your lab to the line by using non-invasive measurement of chemical concentrations in real time

By using EVK SQALAR, you are able to measure dry substance or determine nutrients like protein or fat, poisonous compounds, chemical residuals from diseases or pH values in fruits and vegetables.

If I think of the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, you can determine API (active pharmaceutical ingredients) concentration, distribution of organic chemical compounds or calorific values of RDF (refuse-derived fuels).”

In combination with EVKs HELIOS real-time, smart classifying camera system you literally bring the lab into your line.

EVK SQALAR in action

Creating a chemometric model


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Multivariate measurements of chemical properties
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