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EVK STREAM Supervisor

Software for the multi-point monitoring of industrial material flows using real-time hyperspectral imaging

The EVK STREAM Supervisor MultiPoint provides key data for the real-time monitoring of industrial material flows using classified image data.

As a live stream, this software displays the material distribution, the amount and composition of the material on the conveyor belt, based on the chemical properties of the inspected material. If required, the EVK STREAM Supervisor software can integrate up to five hyperspectral cameras for a multi-point inspection. Optimising individual equipment within the industrial plant or facility while increasing the overall performance is one of the applications for the EVK STREAM Supervisor. Using an OPC UA interface, the EVK STREAM Supervisor can be connected to higher-level control or monitoring systems.

Multi-point monitoring of industrial material flows

Client benefits

Significant increase in the facility’s output thanks to:
• Optimisation of individual units in the process line
• Entire process chain upgrade
• Ideal utilisation of the conveyor belt capacity
• In-line quality control to analyse input material

Key features

• Monitoring material flows based on their chemical properties
• Real-time data processing and visualisation
• Supports up to five EVK HELIOS hyperspectral cameras
• Intuitive, easy-to-use interface
• Continuous, seamless CSV file export
• PLC communication via OPC UA protocol
• 100% compatible with EVK HELIOS hyperspectral cameras and the EVK SQALAR data analysis software

Key features
Image shows material distribution and material composition

Typical Applications

Monitoring material streams in
• the waste and recycling industries
• the food industry
• the mining sector


EVK STREAM Supervisor Product brief
Software for multi-point monitoring of industrial material flows
/ 215 kB
EVK STREAM Supervisor Data sheet
Software for multi-point monitoring of industrial material flows
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