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Hyperspectral Imaging Core Camera

EVK HELIOS EC32 - 320 Pixel Hyperspectral Imaging Core Camera

  • Line-scan camera with optically corrected spectral data output
  • 320 pixels spatial resolution
  • Operates in the wavelength band from 930nm to 1700nm

Clients Benefits

  • Hyperspectral imaging camera for real-time, in-line operations
  • Plug and play: No external calibration necessary
  • Compact and rugged design

Inspection and Monitoring of Material Streams


The EVK HELIOS EC32 is a push-broom hyperspectral imaging camera, delivering optically corrected and spatially resolved spectral data. The camera features non-contact and non-destructive, real time infrared imaging spectroscopy for identification of material types in industrial applications.

Equipped with 320 pixels spatial resolution, EVK HELIOS EC32 measures in the wavelength range of 930 nm to 1700 nm and thereby scans with a frame rate of 500Hz. A connection to the EVK ALPHA data processing systems is possible via GigE Vision/GenICam.

In combination with the EVK ALPHA classification engine, EVK HELIOS EC32 camera features a powerful system for in-line analysis and monitoring of product streams in a range of industries.

Typical Applications


  • Removal of foreign bodies in food processing industries
  • Material type determination in plastic sorting
  • Measurement of material quality in waste management
  • In-line quantitative analysis of analyte concentrations in production processes
Typical Applications

From application development to full integration


Customers are supported by the EVK Professional Services team from application development to the fully integrated Helios EC32 system on-site. EVK thus enables the integration of state-of-the-art real-time analysis systems in the shortest possible time in order to successfully equip processing lines for the future and thus exploit the full potential of the applications.

Key Features

Optically corrected, GigE Vision GenICam compliant output data

Excellent SNR of 3.500 at a nominal spatial resolution of 320 pixels

Up to 256 spectral bands

Scan rate of 446Hz at full spectra, up to 3.8kHz using spectral ROI

Rugged industrial design

Protection rating IP54

Temperature Range from 0°C to 45°C with full optical stability

Suitable for in-line classification, metrology, and sorting (in combination with EVK ALPHA product family)

Order No. AGX-22008


EVK HELIOS EC32 Product brief
Hyperspectral imaging core camera
/ 516 kB
EVK HELIOS EC32 Data sheet
Hyperspectral imaging core camera
/ 531 kB

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