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The EVK HELIOS Laboratory Station Core is ideally suited to simulating in-line measurement conditions in the lab.

The EVK HELIOS Laboratory Station Core includes a ready assembled EVK HELIOS EC32 device on an adjustable height mounting plate, illumination fixtures with bulbs and a motorized linear stage. The adjustment plate allows the distance between the camera and the inspection line to be varied. This is in order to reproduce the same spatial resolution in the lab, as will later be required at the factory production line. The motorized linear stage speed is also adjustable to allow replication of realistic conveying speeds.

The EVK HELIOS Laboratory Station Core camera is easy to customize, to your specific application, by using our EVK SQALAR software package to teach spectral features, classify spectral data and monitor the camera output stream – all via a GigE Vision interface.

The EVK HELIOS Core camera output calibrated raw spectral data for further external processing. All cameras are accessible for parametrization and monitoring via a GigE Vision interface.

EVK HELIOS Laboratory Station Core



Hyperspectral camera: EVK HELIOS EC32
Dimensions (LxWxH): 650 x 440 x 895 - 1400 mm
Weight: approx. 36 kg incl. HELIOS
+ 9.4 kg for 230V DC power supply
General power requirements: 100 – 240V, 50-60 Hz
Distance HELIOS to linear stage: 268 to 868 mm
Linear stage: working area (LxW): 270 x 290 mm
Linear stage: traveling distance: max. 257 mm
Linear stage: speed adjustable 0.08 to 0.4 m/sec
Illumination: 4x 300W halogen
Power supply for illumination (included): Adjustable 0 to +230V DC +/-15%
Power supply for HELIOS 
and linear stage motor (included):
+24V DC +/- 15%



EVK HELIOS Laboratory Station and EVK SQALAR Software in Action

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All-in-one hyperspectral imaging system
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Hyperspectral imaging core camera
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