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Hyperspectral Imaging CORE Camera

EVK HELIOS NIR G2 320 Core, the smart Hyperspectral Imaging analysis and sorting systems are available in the wavelength range of NIR (0.9 µm – 1.7 µm). Each wavelength range is suitable for particular sorting applications. HELIOS cameras have no moving parts and are therefore robust enough to tolerate even the most demanding industrial applications.


Spatially resolved NIR spectroscopy in real-time

EVK HELIOS NIR G2 320 high frame rate hyperspectral camera delivers 320 pixels of spatially resolved spectra at 500 Hz in a line format.

For CLASS cameras, an integrated real-time classification engine processes camera data streams and outputs false colour RGB images for further processing.  Through an integrated modelling workflow, our customers can quickly develop and adapt EVK’s camera systems to any application.

CORE cameras output raw hyperspectral images for external spectral processing.

For both camera types (CORE and CLASS), open-format GigE-Vision/Gen<I>Cam ports make HELIOS cameras a robust and highly adaptable industrial component for any sorting or inspection system.

Helios cameras do not require an external PC during operation – they are standalone devices. All cameras are calibrated and free of spatial or spectral distortions. The standardisation of cameras allows all EVK cameras to be quickly exchanged if required.

Core Features

Non-contact & non-destructive measurement method

Plug & play line scan camera system in Hyperspectral Imaging Technology

Full spectral calibration and distortion correction of every camera

Every camera gives identical data, no need for complex on-site calibration

Superior signal-to-noise ratio : 3500:1

Low maintenance: compact metal case for industrial use in harsh environments

Industry proven thermal management - No moving parts, no ventilation


The EVK HELIOS NIR G2-320 Core with its open GenIcam interface is perfect for all conceivable customer applications for in-house development.

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