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ABAS ThinLine Metal Scanners

  Model Working width Interface Order number
EVK ABAS ThinLine 600 EVK ABAS ThinLine 600 600 mm GigE Vision / GenICam AGX-19079
EVK ABAS ThinLine 1000 EVK ABAS ThinLine 1000 1000 mm GigE Vision / GenICam AGX-19090
EVK ABAS ThinLine 1200 EVK ABAS ThinLine 1200 1200 mm GigE Vision / GenICam AGX-19125
EVK ABAS ThinLine 1600 EVK ABAS ThinLine 1600 1600 mm GigE Vision / GenICam AGX-19114
EVK ABAS ThinLine 2000 EVK ABAS ThinLine 2000 2000 mm GigE Vision / GenICam AGX-20009


EVK ABAS ThinLine Product brief
Smart metal scanner
/ 458 kB
EVK ABAS ThinLine Data sheet
Smart metal scanner - technical data
/ 678 kB

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