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ABAS ThinLine Metal Scanners

ABAS ThinLine inductive metal sensors are available in standard working widths of 600mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1600mm and 2000mm and support most of the common working widths of sorting machines. Designed as an easy to install  device, ABAS TL is equipped with a standardized GigE Vision industrial interface. Output data can be fed directly into an EVK proprietary I/O system which drives actuators of the sorting system. As a result, sorting machine builders can easily integrate ABAS TL in their sorting machine lines, without the need to develop any specific interfaces to their machines.

  Model Working width Interface Order number
EVK ABAS ThinLine 600 ABAS ThinLine 600 600mm GigE Vision / GenICam AGX-19079
EVK ABAS ThinLine 1000 ABAS ThinLine 1000 1000mm GigE Vision / GenICam AGX-19090
EVK ABAS ThinLine 1200 ABAS ThinLine 1200 1200mm GigE Vision / GenICam AGX-19125
EVK ABAS ThinLine 1600 ABAS ThinLine 1600 1600mm GigE Vision / GenICam AGX-19079
EVK ABAS ThinLine 2000 ABAS ThinLine 2000 2000mm GigE Vision / GenICam AGX-20009

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