Smart metal scanner

EVK ABAS ThinLine 600

ABAS TL is an inductive metal scanner for use in sensor-based sorting machines for detection and sorting of metals. The sensor can be mounted under a conveyer belt and delivers spatially resolved information of conductive material in the material flow. The metal scanner produces binary information that drives a corresponding I/O module and subsequently ejection units. In combination with an EVK proprietary I/O system, ABAS TL off ers a complete solution to machine builders for detection and sorting of metal particles.

EVK ABAS ThinLine 600


EVK ABAS ThinLine product brief
Smart metal scanner
/ 583 kB
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Key Features

Feature: Benefit:
Detection of ferrous and non-ferrous metal particles Recuperation and extraction of metals in real-time
Available for working widths from 600mm to 2000mm Supports commonly used machine
working dimensions
GigE Vision / GEN<I>CAM Interface Supports standard interfaces for fast integration
ABAS TL can be combined with the EVK proprietary I/O module for
driving ejection units
Easy and fast integration for sorting applications
Rugged design of housing and components Designed for sustainable use in harsh

Typical Applications

  • Recuperation of metals in automotive scrap
  • Recycling and recuperation of metals in bulk material
  • Recuperation and elimination of metals in polymer sorting
  • Recuperation and elimination of metals in glass sorting
  • Foreign body detection in wood
  • Recycling of C&D waste

Sensitivity characterization

6mm distance between target and sensor surface

Material Diameter Thickness
Cu [2.0060] 4mm 0.5mm
Aluminium [Al99,5] 4mm 0.5mm
Stainless Steel [1.4301] 5mm 0.5mm
Steel [S235JR] 6mm 0.5mm

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