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Provision of Know-How, Hard- and Software as well as on-site and remote support.

Professional support for Sorting solutions

Smart solutions are based on Hyperspectral, Colour and Conductivity imaging, and when coupled to EVK Sorting Engine Module, enable a multilevel system integration – from sensor head to material ejector block.

EVK Sorting Engine Modules offer flexibility in sensor choice and adaptability for creating complete solutions, for many different types of applications. EVK combines its hardware with software, to create classification and sorting algorithms that combine all EVK sensor technology and control material ejection in real-time.

In this manner, conveyor belts can be efficiently transformed into sorting machines. Hardware situated in the camera housing is where data is processed, steering decisions are made and then sent further on to ejection units.

To speed up integration into a sorting machine, EVK offers lighting and IO card solutions via EVK Professional Services.

EVK Professional Services on-site assistance and integration is also available.

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