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Industrial Spectral Image Data Analysis

The analysis of spectral image data plays a significant role in both research and in the industry. The use of advanced software programs enables the evaluation of extensive data to gain essential insights for optimization potentials.

EVK offers an all-in-one solution with the EVK HELIOS Laboratory Station and the software EVK SQALAR, specifically designed for use in laboratories, for the development of chemometric models suitable for industrial applications, as well as for at-line inspection. With the EVK HELIOS hyperspectral camera, you receive spectral data that allows the classification and analysis of materials based on their chemical composition.

The Challenge: Data Complexity in Industry -
Identifying and Utilizing Key Data

Optimizing industrial production processes today requires a deep understanding of extracting key data from a vast amount of data generated by various sensor systems in production lines. It is crucial to capture production-relevant correlations between individual production units and to employ efficient methods of multivariate data analysis and machine learning algorithms.

The Solution: Industrial Spectral Image Data Analysis
for Optimized Process Control

EVK enables statistical evaluations of sensor-based data and supports you in optimizing your industrial processes. We conduct feasibility studies for you and bring your quantitative data analysis directly into the production line.

With the EVK HELIOS Laboratory Station, material analysis in the laboratory, at-line inspections, and the development of chemometric models required for industrial applications in the process line are possible. Combined with the multifunctional analysis software EVK SQALAR, complex data streams can be qualitatively and quantitatively analyzed, and production-relevant correlations can be recognized and effectively utilized.

Competitive Advantages
for Our Customers

The advanced image data analysis by EVK is also applied in industrial production. By integrating the results of the EVK HELIOS Laboratory Station, companies can use key data in inline analysis, develop chemometric models for sensor-based sorting decisions and optimize processes. With the help of our tools and services, you can precisely control your processes, optimize resource utilization, and maximize plant availability.

All Benefits at a Glance

Quantitative Analysis in the Process Line

EVK enables the results obtained through Quantitative Chemical Imaging (QCI) to be transferred directly into the process line for real-time response to changes in the material. For example, real-time adjustments can be made to changes in the calorific value of refuse-derived fuels to ensure a constant heating temperature of the rotary kiln.

Feasibility Studies

After defining necessary criteria, measurements of the test material are conducted in the EVK technical center or on-site. The data is evaluated by experienced application developers, and you receive a comprehensive report. If desired, we also offer our customers the opportunity to test their own material in our technical center.

Customized Use for Research and Industry

Whether for the use in laboratories, for model development for the process line, or for at-line inspections, EVK supports you with the necessary products and services to gain key data with hyperspectral image data analysis.

Spectral Image Data Analysis for Industry and Research

The EVK HELIOS Laboratory Station allows researchers and scientists to perform material analysis in the laboratory. It provides the possibility to simulate inline measurement conditions and develop material classification models for sorting and inspection applications. The camera system captures the reflected portion of short-wave infrared spectrum in the wavelength range of 930 - 1700 nm for each location point, enabling precise surface measurement.

Customers have the option to acquire the EVK HELIOS Laboratory Station and independently conduct material analysis or develop their algorithms and models. Alternatively, you can send us your data for analysis, and our experienced EVK Professional Service Team will conduct detailed material analysis and provide a proof-of-concept report. Feasibility studies are relevant for cost control and planning the workflow for future projects and new applications.

EVK Product Portfolio
for Industrial Image Data Analysis

Explore our product portfolio and learn how EVK can help you gain key data from your process using hyperspectral image data analysis with its products and services.

Hyperspectral Laboratory Station
for Spectral Data Analysis

The all-in-one solution has been specifically designed for the development of chemometric models suitable for industrial applications, for at-line inspection, as well as for use in laboratories. The EVK HELIOS Laboratory Station consists of an EVK HELIOS hyperspectral camera, with height-adjustable mount, an illumination unit and a motorized sample stage.

Data Analysis
for Industrial Image Data Analysis

The software EVK SQALAR is used for qualitative and quantitative analysis of chemical properties of individual objects, as well as for the development of chemometric models for industrial applications. 

Industrial Image Data Analysis in Action

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