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Inspection and Monitoring
with EVK HELIOS Hyperspectral Cameras

Strict deadlines, high quality standards, and smooth processes: Continuous monitoring of material and product flows is a critical success factor in industrial processes. Advanced technologies are capable of providing valuable insights into production performance, efficiency, and quality, offering customers access to reliable real-time data.

The Challenge: Time-consuming and Inconclusive Laboratory Testing

The challenge of many product flows is that product samples analyzed in the laboratory only partially represent the material. While the evaluation is precise, it becomes problematic, especially with heterogeneous product flows. As a result, the sample is not representative of the entire material flow, making it challenging to precisely control and monitor quality.

Many machines and systems already use color cameras to inspect processes. However, these cameras provide limited information about the material flow. They can only evaluate objects based on their color and do not provide information about the chemical composition of the material.

The Solution: Sensor-based Monitoring with EVK Hyperspectral Imaging System for Real-Time Process Control

EVK offers machine builders plant developers, and plant operators in the food, recycling, mining, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, sensor-based solutions to control quality and optimize efficiency.

Using quantitative chemical imaging (QCI) with the EVK HELIOS hyperspectral camera, the powerful data processing platform EVK ALPHA, and the data analysis software EVK SQALAR, you can perform your lab analysis directly in the production line. Hyperspectral imaging enables non-contact and non-invasive surface inspection and material analysis.

Unlike conventional color cameras, which can only capture color information, a hyperspectral camera has the unique ability to capture the chemical composition of an object. This provides valuable information about the properties and quality of the examined materials. To provide you with even more comprehensive information, we use sensor fusion, which means, for example, combining a color camera and an EVK HELIOS hyperspectral camera. These combos provide detailed information about the color, size, shape, and chemical composition of the materials.

In-line measurements deliver valuable key data in real-time, allowing you to react quickly to quality changes and optimize your processes, thereby increasing efficiency and profitability.

Competitive Advantages
for Our Customers

Hyperspectral imaging allows you to take your inspection and monitoring systems to the next level. Thanks to our expertise and experience in sensor-based monitoring, we will support you in the implementation and commissioning of hyperspectral cameras and related software, helping you optimize your operational processes.

All Benefits at a Glance

In-line, Real-Time Quantitative Material Analysis

EVK HELIOS hyperspectral systems make it possible to analyze materials based on their chemical properties directly in the production line and provide key data in real-time.

Increased Efficiency and Profitability

Respond directly to changes in the process flow and optimize your efforts and results.

Short Time-to-Market with EVK`s Integrated Solutions

Receive hardware, software, and integration services from a single source, reducing your development time.

Sensor Fusion

Combining hyperspectral cameras with metal sensors or color cameras can optimize results in many industrial applications.

Flexible Application Development

EVK provides comprehensive application development support for companies planning to integrate hyperspectral cameras and inductive sensors in their machines. Our specialists expertly advise you from the outset in the development phase and support you in the conception, integration, and commercialization of your project.

Sensor-based Monitoring Solutions For Your Industry

Our technology is already successfully used in many industries. For example, refuse-derived fuels (RDF) are used for incineration in the cement industry. The problem here is the calorific value and related parameters such as material moisture. Samples analyzed in the laboratory are not representative of the entire material flow, leading to unstable temperatures in the cement kiln.

Using quantitative chemical imaging thanks to our EVK HELIOS hyperspectral cameras, you can capture the entire product flow and make real-time adjustments to keep the temperature consistent.
EVK products are also used in the food industry to inspect the ripeness of fruits and vegetables, and in the pharmaceutical sector for quality assurance purposes.

Technical Details

Using quantitative chemical imaging (QCI), EVK takes laboratory analyses directly to the production line. EVK transfers the methodology used in the lab to EVK products making it possible to perform the same measurements used for in-line control – in real time.

In the lab, measurements are extremely precise but often not representative of the entire material flow. There is a crucial difference between accuracy and precision. Although lab results are highly precise, what is more important for quality control is accuracy. This means that a specific quality parameter can be determined more accurately with continuous monitoring than by measuring in the lab.

The QCI classification algorithm quantitatively analyzes multiple chemical components and measures the concentration of chemical compounds in a product. The hyperspectral camera system classifies the data from the material flow and assigns them to a measurement value, which was pre-determined in the system using lab measurements. The accuracy is much higher, and information is provided in real time.

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EVK Product Portfolio for Inspecting and Monitoring

EVK has developed groundbreaking technologies to maximize your internal processes and significantly improve efficiency. For surface inspection and consistent monitoring of your product flows, we offer a wide selection of products.

Hyperspectral Imaging
For Inspecting and Monitoring

EVK HELIOS hyperspectral cameras are available as flexible core cameras or with integrated classification systems. The cameras identify the chemical properties of different objects and materials and allows for non-contact and non-destructive analysis directly in the line. They operate with spatial resolution and in real-time.

For Inspecting and Monitoring

The EVK SQALAR software analyzes the chemical properties of individual objects qualitatively and quantitatively and helps to develop chemometric models for industrial applications. EVK STREAM Supervisor monitors industrial material flows at multiple points and the key data obtained provides information about material distribution, belt occupancy, and material composition.

Real-Time Image Processing
For Inspecting and Monitoring

EVK ALPHA, an image processing platform for spectral data, combined with the EVK HELIOS EC is a powerful duo for in-line inspecting and monitoring in real-time.

EVK product accessories to integrate our sensor-based solutions

  • Hyperspectral Camera Lenses

    Selecting the right lens depends on factors such as the distance to the conveyor belt, material size, or incident light. Our EVK professional service team supports you in selecting the right lens for your specific application.

    The EVK IRIL lighting unit is specially designed for hyperspectral camera applications, providing perfectly balanced light intensity for optimal image quality.
  • EVK Libraries
    We provide various software libraries to integrate our products into existing programs.


The videos show examples of how we measure different materials at-line. In a second step we integrate the camera system into the line, or as we call it – “We bring the lab to your line”.

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