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Concentration mesurements
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Application example from food processing

The three tasks of sensing, analysis and sorting are what has driven the food processing industry to be the fastest growing sector. EVK is a developer of industry-relevant applications which utilise Chemical Imaging Technology to ensure quality and safety in food production.

Cap (PE-HD)
Body (PET)
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Application example from material recycling

The trend in recycling is leading towards more demanding applications in the future. Problematic materials and composite materials are typically cost intensive to sort and recycle. EVK offers a multi-faceted technological approach in dealing with recycling: Hyperspectral Imaging, Conductivity Imaging and Sensor Fusion. Each cutting-edge technology offers a powerful solution for solving the complex sorting tasks that are becoming standard today.

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Application example in mining

Sorting applications for hard to extract minerals are adding value to mining operations. With reliable and robust EVK technology, minerals can be analysed, and cameras calibrated, to precisely deliver the high performance required. Our expertise in mining is an essential tool in extracting the full potential of mining operations.

Tablet blister
Defect in tablet blister
Active pharmaceutical ingredients
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Application example in pharmaceuticals

Hyperspectral Imaging is becoming an attractive process control technology for the pharmaceutical industry. Driven by the success in food quality and safety assurance, EVK has adapted Hyperspectral Imaging to be used as part of PAT in pharmaceutical medicine production.

EVK, an expert company

Industrial Imaging, offers sensor-based solutions for bulk sorting and inspection in the fields of food processing, pharmaceutical processing, recycling and mining.

OUR core expertise is in classification of data using hyperspectral and conductivity imaging technologies. WE provide complete solutions from data acquisition to decision making to sorting and inspection system builders.

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