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Applications in the Food Industry

The food industry is facing diverse challenges, especially concerning the detection of contaminants and dangerous impurities in food products. Safety, quality, and the resource-efficient handling of our valuable food items are critical, and effective sorting and quality control play a crucial role in meeting these requirements.

EVK supports you to ensure the appropriate food quality thanks to hyperspectral cameras, inductive sensors and innovative software for in-line sensor-based sorting decisions, inspection and monitoring.

EVK – Your Partner for
Industrial Imaging

Thanks to our extensive experience in the food industry, we at EVK understand the practical requirements of our customers. At EVK, we provide our customers with extensive expertise and premium problem-solving skills to give them the best possible support for their project – from the conception to market launch.

All Benefits at a Glance

Smart Sorting Solutions with Sensor Fusion

Hyperspectral cameras make it possible to classify objects based on their chemical composition. Food items can be sorted into quality grades, and foreign bodies and contaminated food can be efficiently separated. Combined with a EVK ABAS metal sensor, ferrous and non-ferrous contaminants, such as wires, will be detected and removed. Along with a color camera, food products can be sorted based on their color and chemical composition.

Real-time Quality Control and Quantitative Analysis

Integrating quality controls directly into the production line allows for continuous monitoring in real time so that deviations and corrective measures can be implemented rapidly to maintain food quality. Thanks to EVK systems it`s possible to precisely analyze parameters such as moisture, sugar, salt, fat, or protein content quantitatively and directly in the production line in real-time.

Rugged, Industrial Design

The compact and rugged design with no moving mechanical parts and excellent calibration and temperature stability is ideal for use in demanding, industrial environments.

Feasibility Studies

If required, we can conduct feasibility studies for our customers to ensure project cost control and process flow. After defining the necessary criteria, measurements are carried out either at EVK's technical center or directly on site. The data are evaluated by experienced application engineers, and an extensive report is provided. If desired, we also offer our customers the opportunity to test their materials at our technical facility.

Application Development

EVK stands out as one of the few providers in the hyperspectral field, offering other companies an environment where they can develop and successfully market their own application using sensor-based technology.

The Challenge: Risks in the Food Industry – Detecting Foreign Bodies, Contaminants, and Pathogens

Foreign bodies and contaminants pose a significant safety issue in food production. Analysis at critical control points (HACCP) and selective removal of defects present the food processing industry with a costly and time-consuming challenge. Food sorting is an extremely demanding task, requiring precise classification and accuracy to ensure that defective products or small foreign materials do not reach consumers. Continuous monitoring of food quality, from sensor-based raw material sorting to inline inspection and final checks before packaging, is becoming increasingly vital.

The Solution: Automated Food Classification, Quality Control, and Sorting Decisions Using Hyperspectral and Inductive Sensors in the Production Line

EVK is a leader in developing innovative sensor solutions for precise classification, detailed analysis, and reliable extraction of key data to make intelligent sorting decisions in the food industry. By employing Quantitative Chemical Imaging (QCI) using the EVK HELIOS hyperspectral camera, the powerful image data processing platform EVK ALPHA, and the data analysis software EVK SQALAR, objects and parts of objects can be accurately classified and analyzed based on their chemical composition.

This allows for the reliable detection of dangerous foreign bodies and contaminated food items, with relevant information sent in real-time to actuators or effectors. This non-contact and non-invasive surface measurement takes place directly in the production line, providing key data for efficient and cost-effective quality control.

Complemented by the inductive sensor, EVK ABAS, both ferrous and non-ferrous metal particles can be detected with spatial resolution. The fusion of different cameras and sensors using Sensor Fusion makes it possible to classify objects based on their color, size, shape, and chemical composition.

By selectively removing defects and contaminants, EVK enables the production of high-quality food items while minimizing waste and rejects. Production processes can be inspected and continuously monitored to ensure consistent product quality, leading to reduced costs and improved profitability.

Compared to traditional sampling methods, EVK's QCI continuously and rapidly measures the entire product stream, providing more representative results than laboratory-based sampling analyses. This optimizes the production process, reduces costs, and ensures a consistently high product quality.

Use Cases in the Food Industry

Hyperspectral technology can be used in highly diverse areas, including fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, nuts, grains, corn, rice, pasta, and processed foods like chips, cereals, baked goods, or confectionery.

EVK enables the reliable detection of foreign bodies such as leaves, stems, wires, bones, plastic, or other undesired materials. Additionally, defects such as rot, mold, pressure spots, or rancidity can be identified. QCI also determines important parameters such as moisture content, pH value, starch, sugar, fat, salt, or protein levels. Information can be obtained on both their distribution and their concentration.

From In-line Concentration Measurement to Sensor-based Sorting:
Our Systems are Incredibly Versatile

EVK technologies offer a variety of possible applications that can be used across industries. Quantitative analysis enables continuous monitoring and inspection of the production line. It`s therefore possible to inspect the ripeness of fruits and vegetables, monitor the moisture or salt content, and control food quality in real time. Thanks to this non-contact and non-invasive method properties such as protein, fat, sugar, salt, starch or moisture can be analyzed both qualitatively and quantitatively directly in the line.
From inspecting & monitoring to smart sorting - discover the possibilities.

Explore EVK's Extensive Product Range
Customized to Your Application

 Providing everything from high-quality hardware and advanced software to premium integration services, EVK provides you with everything you need for your application. Whether you are looking for a sensor-based sorting, inspection, or monitoring application, our experts support you with their expertise and create solutions you deserve.

Hyperspectral Imaging
in the Food Industry

The EVK HELIOS hyperspectral cameras are available as a flexible core camera or with an integrated classification system. The contactless and non-destructive system is capable of identifying the chemical properties of various objects and different material types directly in the process line. 

Data Analysis
in the Food Industry

The EVK SQALAR software analyzes the chemical properties of individual objects qualitatively and quantitatively and helps to develop chemometric models for industrial applications. EVK STREAM Supervisor monitors industrial material flows at multiple points and the key data obtained provides information about material distribution, belt occupancy, and material composition.

Real-Time Image Processing
in the Food Industry

EVK ALPHA, an image processing platform for spectral data, combined with the EVK HELIOS EC is a powerful duo for in-line inspecting and monitoring in real-time.

Inductive Sensors
in the Food Industry

The spatially resolved, inductive metal sensor is mounted under a conveyor belt and is used to detect ferrous and non-ferrous metals in the material stream.

EVK product accessories to integrate our sensor-based solutions

  • Hyperspectral Camera Lenses
    Choosing the right lens for a specific application requires considering many factors, such as focal length, working distance, object size, and incident light. Our EVK Professional Service Team assists you in selecting the right lens.
    The lighting unit EVK IRIL is specifically designed for applications with hyperspectral cameras, providing a perfectly balanced light intensity for optimal image quality.
  • SIO Subsystem
    The valves for sorting applications can be controlled using the 48k SIO Subsystem.
  • EVK FusioSort

    The EVK FusioSort software allows for adjusting sorting-relevant parameters, such as ejection time or material weighting.

  • EVK Libraries
    To integrate our products into existing systems, various software libraries are available.

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