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Mining Applications

EVK, a leading provider of innovative industrial imaging technologies, offers efficient solutions using hyperspectral cameras to classify valuable minerals and raw materials and make intelligent sensor-based sorting decisions in modern mining. The mining industry has always been a pioneer in developing sorting technologies to search, for example, for gold by washing rocks from riverbeds. Nowadays, however, advanced technologies are required to make mining more efficient and precise.

EVK’s systems enable a detailed analysis of materials based on their spectral properties, leading to improved efficiency and accuracy in detecting valuable components. Thanks to our all-in-one solutions, from data acquisition using hyperspectral cameras and inductive sensors to data analysis to obtain valuable key data, we support mining companies in overcoming the challenges of modern mining.

Your decisive competitive advantage with EVK

Thanks to many years of experience in the industry, EVK provides its customers with extensive expertise and premium problem-solving capabilities. Each material flow and application is individual and must be carefully evaluated and planned. Whether it’s calcite, copper ore, limestone, talc, basalt, or lithium-containing rock (spodumene, lepidolite) – EVK provides optimal support to successfully implement sensor-based monitoring and sorting applications, from conception to market.


Smart Real-Time Sorting Solutions

EVK HELIOS and EVK ABAS, together with proprietary developed algorithms, are used for sensor-based sorting. Hyperspectral cameras make it possible to classify objects based on their chemical composition, allowing for a precise separation of high-grade ores and low-grade rocks. Intelligent metal sensors detect ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Quantitative In-line Analyses

Integrating Quantitative Chemical Imaging into the production line predicts the potential output right at the start.

Rugged, Industrial Design

The compact and robust design without moving mechanical parts and excellent calibration and temperature stability make it ideal for use in harsh and demanding environments.

Short Time-to-Market with Integrated EVK Solutions

Reduce your development time with EVK`s integrated all-in-one solutions and get hardware, software and integration service from a single source.

Feasibility Study and Material Testing

To ensure cost control and a smooth project flow, we conduct feasibility studies for our customers if required. Measurements are carried out at EVK's technical center or on site. The data are evaluated by experienced application engineers, and a comprehensive report is provided. We also offer our customers the opportunity to test their materials directly in one of our technical facilities.

Application Development

EVK stands out as one of the few providers in the hyperspectral field, offering other companies an environment where they can develop and successfully market their own application using sensor-based technology.

The Challenge: Identifying and Analyzing Minerals

Today’s mining industry is faced with a challenge: how to efficiently and cost-effectively extract valuable minerals and raw materials for the industry. Therefore, it is crucial to accurately classify, analyze, and predict the output. Traditional methods can be time-consuming and inaccurate, and output may only be accurately assessed after, for example, costly smelting processes. The mining industry requires advanced imaging technologies with innovative software programs that make it possible to rapidly and reliably classify minerals to increase efficiency and profitability.

The Solution: EVK Hyperspectral Technology to Automate Mineral Classification and Output Predictions in the Process Line

EVK offers engineering companies, as well as plant and machine operators, innovative solutions to integrate precise mineral analysis and sensor-based sorting decisions in the mining process.
With the EVK HELIOS hyperspectral camera, the powerful image data processing platform EVK ALPHA, and the data analysis software EVK SQALAR, parts of objects can be classified based on their chemical composition. Minerals and raw materials can be reliably detected.

Quantitative Chemical Imaging (QCI) makes it possible to analyze materials in real-time directly in the line. Combined with proprietary algorithms, key data for optimal process control can be extracted. By selectively sorting out impurities and by-products, it is possible to optimize resource yield and maximize output.

The spatially resolved metal sensor EVK ABAS detects ferrous and non-ferrous metals in real-time. Mining companies can carefully control production yield and increase profitability thanks to optimized processes and an efficient resource utilization.

The exact application of hyperspectral imaging in mining depends on specific requirements and technological capabilities. Hyperspectral cameras and sensors are integrated directly into the line, allowing, for example, for continuous purity analysis and quality control. Integrating the technology into the respective process step requires careful planning and adaptation to the individual needs of the mining operation. EVK is your reliable optical systems partner to efficiently analyze minerals, sensor-based sorting, and control mining yields. We are happy to support your project.

Use Cases in the Mining Industry

Hyperspectral imaging applications are highly diverse and extend to various areas, from reliably detecting contaminants and by-products to purity analysis and quality control or the use of systems for yield predictions, such as extracted copper quantities.

Versatile Applications:
From Purity Analysis and Quality Control to Smart Sorting Commands

EVK products can be used for a variety of applications across industries. Quantitative analyses enable continuous monitoring and inspection of the production line. This can successfully ensure the quality and consistency of the sorted and analyzed minerals. Thanks to this non-contact and non-destructive method it is possible to quantitatively analyze minerals directly in the line to predict yields.
EVK hyperspectral cameras and sensors are fitted directly into the line and offer a range of applications from sensor-based inspection & monitoring, to quantitative image data analysis and smart sorting – in real time, of course.

Explore EVK's Product Portfolio for Your Custom Mining Application

From high-quality hardware and powerful software to first-class integration services, EVK is your one-stop shop.
Whether it’s a sensor-based sorting, analysis or inspection application – our experts are at your side with their expertise from conception to market readiness for flawless implementation.

Hyperspectral Imaging
in the Mining Industry

The EVK HELIOS hyperspectral cameras are available as a flexible core camera or with an integrated classification system. The contactless and non-destructive system is capable of identifying the chemical properties of various objects and different material types directly in the process line.

Data Analysis
in the Mining Industry

The EVK SQALAR software analyzes the chemical properties of individual objects qualitatively and quantitatively and helps to develop chemometric models for industrial applications. EVK STREAM Supervisor monitors industrial material flows at multiple points and the key data obtained provides information about material distribution, belt occupancy, and material composition.

Real-Time Image Processing
in the Mining Industry

The real-time image data processing platform EVK ALPHA for spectral image data offers an innovative combination of classification and sorting functions. By classifying spectral data, chemical characteristics can be analyzed and sorting decisions made based on them.

Inductive Sensors
in the Mining Industry

The spatially resolved, the inductive metal sensor EVK ABAS is mounted under a conveyor belt and is used to detect ferrous and non-ferrous metals in the material stream. Mounted under a conveyor belt, the sensor provides spatially resolved information on ferrous and non-ferrous metal particles in the material flow.

EVK product accessories to integrate our sensor-based solutions

  • Hyperspectral Camera Lenses
    Choosing the right lens for a specific application requires considering many factors, such as focal length, working distance, object size, and incident light. Our EVK Professional Service Team assists you in selecting the right lens.
    The lighting unit EVK IRIL is specifically designed for applications with hyperspectral cameras, providing a perfectly balanced light intensity for optimal image quality.
  • 48k SIO Subsystem
    The valves for sorting applications can be controlled using the 48k SIO Subsystem.
  • EVK FusioSort

    The EVK FusioSort software allows for adjusting sorting-relevant parameters, such as ejection time or material weighting.

  • EVK Libraries
    To integrate our products into existing systems, various software libraries are available.

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