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Determining Copper Ore

Predictions of yield from copper extraction, for example, play a critical role in mining efficiency and profitability. Traditionally, however, these estimates can only be made after the smelting process has been completed, which can lead to uncertainties and inefficiencies.

Challenge: Estimation of the Copper Extraction Yield

The challenge is that extraction yield from copper ore cannot be estimated until the smelting process is complete. This delay in yield assessment can lead to inefficient resource utilization and complicates strategic planning in the mining industry.

Solution: Quantitative Chemical Imaging with EVK Hyperspectral Cameras

Using Quantitative Chemical Imaging with EVK hyperspectral cameras and EVK SQALAR software, copper content can be precisely measured, enabling accurate yield predictions. This is done by transferring reference information to the productive line in real time. Hyperspectral imaging allows the amount of copper in the existing input stream to be predicted, enabling proactive control and optimization of the extraction process.

By predicting the percentage of copper metal contained in the product stream at the beginning of the line, mining companies can fine-tune their operations, optimize resource use and maximize yields. This approach not only promises better control and efficiency, but also contributes to the sustainable use of valuable raw materials in the mining industry.


Hyperspectral Imaging offers the degree of classification accuracy required for applications in the mining industry by directly measuring chemical molecular composition through the absorption of light (spectroscopy).

EVK’s portfolio of sensor-based technology includes hyperspectral cameras and inductive sensor systems that can be used individually or combined with a color camera with sensor fusion to create a high-performance sorting application.

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