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Sorting and detection of valuable minerals or rock

The mining industry was an early pioneer in sorting technology development, and for centuries it led to the improvement of mechanically assisted sorting of valuable ores from waste rock. A classic example is panning for gold by washing riverbed deposits.


The mineral extraction of Calcite from rock ore is often hampered by the natural occurrence of Chalk in the same ore. The high variability in rock ore composition and size requires a precise chemical mapping of each stone, whether large or small, in order to improve the extraction yield.


Sorting machines based on our camera technology can accurately sort down to very small sizes with user settable weightings for each mineral present. This allows the production yield of Calcite to be carefully controlled and ensures that the yield is not dependent on rock ore sizes.

Application Scan Rock Application Rock
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Near Infrared Hyperspectral Imaging offers the degree of classification accuracy necessary for Mining applications, by directly measuring the chemical molecular composition through the absorption of light (spectroscopy). 

EVK’s portfolio of sensor-based sorting technology includes Colour, Hyperspectral and Inductive sensor systems, which can be used individually or, with Sensor- Fusion, can be combined to form a powerful sorting application that can process multiple material types.

Hyperspectral Cameras
Sensor Fusion

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