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Talc Sorting

Talc is a mineral that is commonly used in the production of many industrial products. For instance, talc is present in cosmetics, paper, plastic, paint and coatings, rubber, food, electric cables, pharmaceuticals and ceramics, to name a few. A source of talc is the mineral soapstone or steatite, which has a high abundance of talc and is white, or sometimes coarse greyish-green, in appearance.


The optical colour similarities, between white talc and white gangue in the rock ore, makes the task of distinguishing and sorting very hard to accomplish.


Near-infrared Chemical Imaging offers many advantages – developed over decades by EVK – that enable it to outperform any standard colour based sorting. Chemical Imaging can discriminate between two, apparently similar, rocks by detecting spectral differences in the near-infrared range.

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Near Infrared Hyperspectral Imaging offers the degree of classification accuracy necessary for Mining applications, by directly measuring the chemical molecular composition through the absorption of light (spectroscopy). 

EVK’s portfolio of sensor-based sorting technology includes Colour, Hyperspectral and Inductive sensor systems, which can be used individually or, with Sensor- Fusion, can be combined to form a powerful sorting application that can process multiple material types.

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