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Applications in the
Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries

Quality assurance and process optimization play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of pharmaceutical products. Hyperspectral imaging has emerged as an attractive process control technology for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.
Building on its success in quality and safety control in the food processing industry, hyperspectral imaging is now being applied as a process analytical control technology in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and cosmetic sectors.

EVK – Your partner for the successful implementation
of industrial imaging

With our extensive experience in the industry, we at EVK understand the practical requirements of our customers. Each material flow and application is unique and requires careful evaluation and planning.
At EVK, we provide our customers with comprehensive expertise and top-notch problem-solving capabilities to support them throughout their projects, from conception to market readiness.

All Benefits at a Glance

Real-time Quality Control and Quantitative Analysis

Integrating controls directly into the production line allows continuous monitoring of product quality, enabling fast responses to deviations and corrective actions in real-time. EVK systems allow for precise quantitative analysis of ingredients directly in the production line.

Rugged, Industrial Design

The compact and rugged design, with no moving mechanical parts and excellent calibration and temperature stability, is ideal for use in industrial environments.

Feasibility Studies

To ensure cost control and a smooth project execution, we conduct feasibility studies for our customers if required. After defining the necessary criteria, measurements are performed either in EVK's technical center or on-site. Experienced application engineers analyze the data, and you receive a comprehensive report. If desired, we also offer our customers the opportunity to test their materials in our technical facility.

Application Development

EVK stands out as one of the few providers in the hyperspectral field, offering other companies an environment where they can develop and successfully market their own application using sensor-based technology.

The Challenge: Quality Assurance in the Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industry

The pharmaceutical and chemical industries face various challenges, including ensuring product quality, identifying counterfeits, and monitoring production processes. Traditional methods of analysis and control can be time-consuming, expensive, and often fail to meet the requirements for real-time monitoring and accuracy.

The Solution: Contactless, Non-Invasive Monitoring with Hyperspectral Cameras in Real-Time

Hyperspectral imaging offers a non-destructive and non-invasive solution to these challenges. By utilizing Quantitative Chemical Imaging (QCI) with the EVK HELIOS hyperspectral camera, the powerful image data processing platform EVK ALPHA, and data analysis software EVK SQALAR, objects can be classified and analyzed based on their chemical compositions and material properties directly in the production line in real-time, without taking a sample or affecting the material. This technology captures spectral information about materials, enabling detailed and continuous real-time analysis for pharmaceutical and chemical companies.

The integration of EVK hyperspectral systems into the production line allows for real-time monitoring of key parameters, such as the concentration and distribution of active pharmaceutical ingredients, contaminants, and the quality control of end products. Non-invasive monitoring enables the early detection of deviations, and enables rapid responses to process fluctuations. This optimizes the production process, reduces costs, and ensures consistent product quality.

Use Cases in the Pharmaceutical Industry

The applications of hyperspectral technology are diverse, ranging from reliable detection of contaminants, analysis of distribution or layer thickness, to concentration measurements of active pharmaceutical ingredients and quality control.

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From Measuring Chemical Concentrations to Sensor-Based Sorting:
Diverse Applications with Our Technology

EVK products offer a variety of applications that can be used across different industries. For example, non-contact, non-invasive inspection of objects enables monitoring of the concentration and distribution of active ingredients. Laboratory analyses can be transferred to the line and enable quantitative analyses in real time.

EVK hyperspectral cameras and sensors are directly integrated into the production line, providing diverse applications from in-line inspection and monitoring to quantitative image data analysis and smart sorting – explore the possibilities.

Explore EVK's Extensive Product Range
Customized to Your Application

Providing everything from high-quality hardware and advanced software to premium integration services, EVK provides you with everything you need for your application. Whether you are looking for a sensor-based sorting, inspection, or monitoring application, our experts support you with their expertise and create solutions you deserve.

Hyperspectral Imaging
in the Pharmaceutical Industry

The EVK HELIOS hyperspectral cameras are available as a flexible core camera or with an integrated classification system. The contactless and non-destructive system is capable of identifying the chemical properties of various objects and different material types directly in the process line.

Data Analysis
in the Pharmaceutical Industry

The EVK SQALAR software analyzes the chemical properties of individual objects qualitatively and quantitatively and helps to develop chemometric models for industrial applications. EVK STREAM Supervisor monitors industrial material flows at multiple points and the key data obtained provides information about material distribution, belt occupancy, and material composition.

Real-Time Image Processing
in the Pharmaceutical Industry

The real-time image data processing platform EVK ALPHA for spectral image data with innovative classification and sorting functions provides sorting decisions based on the chemical characteristics of an object.

EVK Accessory Products for Integrated Sensor-Based Solutions

  • Hyperspectral Camera Lenses
    Choosing the right lens for a specific application requires considering many factors, such as focal length, working distance, object size, and incident light. Our EVK Professional Service Team assists you in selecting the right lens.
    The lighting unit EVK IRIL is specifically designed for applications with hyperspectral cameras, providing a perfectly balanced light intensity for optimal image quality.
  • SIO Subsystem
    The valves for sorting applications can be controlled using the 48k SIO Subsystem.
  • EVK FusioSort

    The EVK FusioSort software allows for adjusting sorting-relevant parameters, such as ejection time or material weighting.

  • EVK Libraries
    For the integration of our products into existing systems, various software libraries are available.

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