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Non-Destructive, Non-Invasive Monitoring

Non-destructive and non-invasive monitoring plays an important role in the pharmaceutical industry to ensure the quality and safety of products. Hyperspectral imaging is becoming an attractive process control technology for the pharmaceutical industry. Driven by its success in food quality and safety, EVK has adopted hyperspectral imaging into the production line of pharmaceutical medicine as a part of process analysis technologies (PAT systems).

Challenge: Non-invasive Monitoring in the Line

Current process analysis technologies are reaching their limits, especially when it comes to providing process quality information such as chemical composition, concentration, film thickness and distribution analysis directly in-line, and continuously with spatially resolved data. These factors are critical to ensure product quality and consistency while optimizing the manufacturing process.

Solution: Continuous Quality Control in Real Time with EVK Hyperspectral Systems

EVK HELIOS hyperspectral cameras and EVK`s advanced software solves this problem. Quantitative Chemical Imaging enables continuous monitoring of the entire product stream in real time and around the clock. Parameters such as chemical composition, concentration, distribution or layer thickness can be actively integrated into the process analysis system. This ensures the inspection and monitoring of the whole production line, which contributes to the optimization and acceleration of manufacturing processes.

The integration of hyperspectral imaging as non-invasive monitoring in the process control system enables precise determination of various parameters in the production line, such as concentration measurement of active pharmaceutical ingredients and in-line quality measurement by detecting defects in tablet blisters and forwarding sorting commands to ejection units. Overall, EVK hyperspectral systems open up new horizons by enabling advanced and reliable process analytics, thus helping to maintain product quality and efficiency at the highest level.


Hyperspectral Imaging offers the degree of classification accuracy required for applications in the pharma industry by directly measuring chemical molecular composition through the absorption of light (spectroscopy).

EVK’s portfolio of sensor-based technology includes hyperspectral cameras and inductive sensor systems that can be used individually or combined with a color camera with sensor fusion to create a high-performance sorting application.

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