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Alternative Fuels/ SRF/ RDF

The relevance in the use of refuse derived fuels is increasing rapidly, and with it the recycling and efficient use of this form of energy. Through the utilization of so-called “Refuse derived fuels” or secondary fuels, a wide variety of materials from household, industrial and commercial waste find a new use as energy suppliers in various waste incineration plants, cement, lime, lignite and, to a large extent, in industrial power plants as well as fuel in RDF power plants.

Challenge: Consistent Heating Temperature

In the cement industry, refuse derived fuels are used for incineration. The problem here is the heating value and related parameters, such as the moisture content of the material. Samples tested in the laboratory are not representative of the whole material, so the temperature of the cement kiln is not stable.

Solution: Continuous monitoring with
EVK hyperspectral systems

Hyperspectral Imaging (HSI) offers a solution to analyze the quality of bulk materials of different composition and to collect relevant parameters such as calorific value and/or heating value in order to optimize the process. Using Quantitative Chemical Imaging with EVK HELIOS hyperspectral cameras, the entire product flow can be recorded and adjustments made in real time – for a constant temperature.

This requires not only the acquisition with a hyperspectral camera, but above all the appropriate classification and sorting technology. Through its many years of experience in embedded vision systems, EVK has the ability to offer not only an industrially proven complete solution for process control and optimization with proprietary classification and sorting software and camera, but also the know-how for qualitative and quantitative analysis of bulk materials.

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Hyperspectral Imaging offers the degree of classification accuracy required for applications in the recycling industry by directly measuring chemical molecular composition through the absorption of light (spectroscopy).

EVK’s portfolio of sensor-based technology includes hyperspectral cameras and inductive sensor systems that can be used individually or combined with a color camera with sensor fusion to create a high-performance sorting application.

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