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Separation of bulk material in heterogenic waste streams

Separation of pure plastic material


Colour cameras can only process information in the visible light band.


EVK´s NIR Hyperspectral Imaging Systems can accurately detect different materials according to its chemical composition. This feature allows the EVK systems to operate in fields where colour cameras reach its limits. Moreover, the combination of a Colour- and Hyperspectral Imaging camera vie Sensor Fusion is an often-used solution to increase sorting sensitivity and specificity. This allows to separate materials by means of their colour, shape, size and in addition the chemical composition.

Use cases

PET bottles

Colour sorting in transmission according to customer needs removal of foreign body material (i.e. Metals, diff. Plastics)

Plastic flakes and granulate material: PET, PE, PS, PA, ABS, PP, PC, PVC

Separation of PVC from refuse-derived fuels to prevent leakage of (Moisture, Net Calorific Value, Gross Calorific Value) during the combustion process.

Heterogen material stream
Different material classes
Sorted material classes
Application Scan Heterogen material stream Application Heterogen material stream
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Near Infrared Hyperspectral Imaging offers the degree of classification accuracy necessary for Recycling applications, by directly measuring the chemical molecular composition through the absorption of light (spectroscopy). 

EVK’s portfolio of sensor-based sorting technology includes Colour, Hyperspectral and Inductive sensor systems, which can be used individually or, with Sensor- Fusion, can be combined to form a powerful sorting application that can process multiple material types.

Hyperspectral Cameras
Data Analysis Tools

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