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EVK Sqalar


The software EVK SQALAR is used for qualitative and quantitative analysis of chemical properties of individual objects, as well as for easy creation of chemometric models for flexible application development. EVK SQALAR enables the monitoring and measurement of user-defined properties of individual objects or bulk material streams and helps to improve the quality, consistency, and safety of products at all stages of industrial processing.

The software in combination with the EVK HELIOS Hyperspectral imaging systems enables a non-invasive, interruption-free, measurement of chemical concentrations of all objects in a product stream.

Analysis of
Chemical Characteristics

As a multifunctional software tool for quantitative analysis for multivariate measurement of chemical properties, EVK SQALAR is suitable for inspection and monitoring applications in-line, at-line, as well as for use in laboratories. The software is used to create chemometric models for application development.

In combination with the EVK HELIOS hyperspectral cameras and the proprietary algorithms, you can bring your laboratory directly to the line. Take advantage of the possibility of contactless measurement of chemical concentrations in real-time.

Value Statements

Flexible Application Development

The analysis software EVK SQALAR can be used to efficiently and easily acquire data and create chemometric models. The optimized and user-friendly application enables flexible and fast development of applications, minimizing development time and making the process economically effective.

Quantitative In-line, Real-Time Analysis

Take your laboratory analyses in line with EVK HELIOS hyperspectral systems. Quantitatively analyzing materials based on their chemical properties provides key data in real-time. Combining EVK hyperspectral camera and EVK data analysis tool makes it possible to measure the precise concentration of, for example, water, salt, sugar, or starch, as well as their distribution.

Short Time-to-Market with Integrated EVK Solutions

Reduce your development time with EVK's integrated personalized all-in-one solutions. Receive hardware, software, and integration services from a single source for a fast and flawless implementation of your application.


  • EVK SQALAR is a multifunctional quantitative analysis software tool for multivariate measurements of chemical properties.
  • EVK SQALAR can be used in sorting, inspection and monitoring applications in-line, at-line and in the laboratory.
  • EVK SQALAR uses EVK`s hyperspectral imaging camera technology in the NIR and SWIR wavelength ranges.
  • EVK SQALAR has a unique camera integration which allows it to send elaborate calibration models and full parametrization lists, to the HELIOS device, with one simple click.


  • EVK SQALAR enables a non-invasive, interruption-free, measurement of chemical concentrations of all objects in a product stream.
  • EVK SQALAR monitors and measures, user-defined properties of, individual objects or bulk material streams.
  • EVK SQALAR helps to increase the quality, consistency and safety of products and at all stages of industrial processing.

Bring Your Lab to the Line


With EVK SQALAR you can measure dry substance, nutrient contents such as proteins and fat, poisonous components, chemical residues of diseases or the pH value of fruits and vegetables. The pharmaceutical and chemical industries use it to measure active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and their concentrations, as well as the distribution of organic chemical compounds. Furthermore, the caloric value of refuse derived fuels (RDF) can be measured directly in the line. In combination with the real-time capable EVK HELIOS camera systems, you bring your laboratory into your production line.

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EVK SQALAR – Product brief

Software tool for qualitative and quantitative analysis


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Typical combinations
of our applications

EVK HELIOS hyperspectral cameras enable non-contact measurement of material properties based on their chemical characteristics.

Supplemented by the EVK ALPHA and the proprietary algorithms, the hyperspectral systems enable the reliable detection of foreign bodies and extract valuable key data for inspection and monitoring applications, as well as for precise sorting commands.

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